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Web Information Manager
  • Kaushik Sharma
    Founder & CEO
    aAjTaK India Incorporation
    Department of Electronics & Information Technology
    Indra Park, Palam
    New Delhi - 110 045 India
    Email: kushaadarsh@gmail.com
    Phone No: +91 901 559 9581
Kaushik Sharma
Kaushik Sharma

Web Management Team
  • Mr. Arjun
    Senior Technical Director

  • Ms. Sunita Kumari
    Chief Informatics Officer

  • Mr. Rajat Sharma
    Systems Analyst

  • Mr. Nitin Kumar
    Technical Director

  • Mr. Satyajeet Bhoi
    Principal Systems Analyst

  • Mr. Rahul Gera
    Systems Analyst

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